On Ground


Not enough time for vacations?
 "Vacations" too stressful?
 Having a hard time entertaining your family?
A beautifully designed ON GROUND swimming pool is the answer!


Eternity On Ground Pools

The Eternity is an exceptional swimming pool in every respect. Its galvanized steel structure ensures maximum resistance and incomparable durability. It’s strong enough to support the weight of a car, and is designed to withstand the harshest northern climate. Nothing – not wind, rain, sleet, or snow, neither winter freeze nor spring thaw – is a match for the Eternity Pool.

The Eternity is also ideal for all ground conditions, including sand, gravel or clay. It’s quick and easy to assemble and can be outfitted in a variety of ways. Strong and stylish, the Eternity has everything you need in a pool, offering you and your family years of summertime fun.


Built For Life

It’s the most durable pool on the market. The Eternity’s sturdy components include 48-inch, 14-guage galvanized steel panels with a lifetime guarantee against corrosion. The synthetic resin coping is fully protected against UV rays and has a specially fitted recess for fiber optics.




Quality Pool Liners

The Eternity comes complete with liner. All of our liners are beautifully designed and protected against algae formation and UV rays.






The Eternity Gives You

  • a revolutionary approach to swimming pool technology
  • flexible installation and style options
  • strong, durable and attractive design
  • easy maintenance and upkeep
  • an economical alternative to expensive in-ground models
  • years of summertime enjoyment and fun for you and your family


Versatility and Beauty
As solid as a Rock
Many Sizes and Shapes to choose from.

The Eternity offers a multitude of installation options for a custom-designed pool that blends beautifully with your backyard landscape:

  • Installation above-ground, in-ground, or partially in-ground.
  • Available in round or oval models.
  • Choice of three different print liners.
  • Various sizes.
  • Wide variety of optional finishes, including aluminum, vinyl, wood, patio, etc.



























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